Broadcast setup

admins should only consider volunteering if they can provide 1-3 hr sets of club/dance format, and Stream to Shoutcast server using Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP v2 (recommended) or SAM broadcaster. Download commercials, station drops, DJ drops, events and interviews (right of this message>>) and follow instructions for when they are tp be inserted in your show.


It is very simple to stream your audio to your server with Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP plugin installed (version 2.3.2).

Setting up the Shoutcast DSP Plugin

1) Start Winamp and go to: Options >> Preferences

You will see the menu below:

Winamp Preferences

On the left hand menu, click on DSP/Effect and in the main window, click on 'Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP'" and another window will also appear entitled 'SHOUTcast source' (as shown below). You can now close the preferences window and the SHOUTcast Source window will remain open.

2) Configure the plugin.

a) First of all, click on the Output tab at the top and make sure that 'Connection' is selected (under the output list).

This is where you put in the info that you were sent when your SHOUTcast account was activated.

You will need to enter the Address, Port 8514 and Password (admin code followed by the word cluba). Select Encoder 1 if not already selected (or whichever encoder is available if you are already using 1).

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you select the 'Use SHOUTcast v1 mode (for legacy servers)' box

Shoutcast source - Output, Connection

b) Click on the Directory tab.

This is where you enter general information about your stream. Note: You must enter a Description cluba radio and Genre  example for clubalot >> dance, electronic, future music etc etc- don't keep it as the default name or you won't be listed.

Shoutcast source - Output, Yellowpages

The Description and URL can be set in our SHOUTcast control panel to override these settings if you have multiple DJs and wish to keep the settings constant.

c) Click the Encoder tab.

This is where you set the bitrate and format of your stream.

Shoutcast source - Encoder

IMPORTANT: set to 128kbps,44100hz,Stereo

d) Click the Input tab.

This is where you select the source of your audio. If you are streaming music straight from Winamp, then select Winamp for the Input Device like this:

Shoutcast source - Input, Winamp

However, if you are DJing live with external equipment (turntables / CD player / mixer etc) or hosting a talk show, then you will have to select the Soundcasrd Input:

Shoutcast source - Input, Soundcard Input

e) You are now fully set up and ready to stream your audio across the net.

3) Connect to server

To connect to server, click the Output tab again and click Connect - you will see a counter start inside the Status box - this means that you have connected to SHOUTcast server successfully.

A few extra notes for people who have selected Line In as their Input Device

You may have to configure the mixer on your PC - to do this, go to the Input tab and click on Open Mixer. Two windows will appear (Volume Control and Recording Control). Close Volume control, as this is not needed.

Ensure that the Line In box is ticked and that the volume is at a suitable level - on my system in particular the level control is very sensitive - the best way to test this is to use the in built Input Level meter in the SHOUTcast Source plugin (Input tab).

You can also select the Stereo Mix box (some PCs may not have a Line In selection), however your listeners will also hear any sounds made by your PC such as web pages or other applications like MSN. Best to disable all sounds in this case.


Play approx every 20 mins Save >> right click >> save link as

clubalot general commercial 

cluba radio commercial

clubalot commercial 2

Station Drops

Rotate one after each mix. Save >> right click >> save link as

station drop 1

station drop 2

station drop 3

station drop 4

DJ Drops

Play YOUR DJ drop after each commercial break and at the start of your set, Save >> right click >> save link as


DJ Ducktails

DJ BuddyMD

DJ Justice



Events should be played at the start of your final hour of your set. Save >> right click >> save link as