Pure Pacha kicks off proceedings at the club in November in fine style: Headlining are Detroit techno legend and electronic pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Latin house hero Mr V.

Someone instrumental to the development of techno over the decades is Kevin Saunderson. A member of the Belleville Three, Saunderson’s legacy is ever secured thanks to his membership of Inner City whose seminal hit ‘Good Life’ will never grow old. As well as on his own legendary techno label KMS, Saunderson releases on Planet E among many others and is as relevant now as ever, playing the world’s leading clubs on a regular basis.

Experiencing Mr. V’s (AKA Victor Font) DJ sets, original productions, or remixes is like taking a trip back in time to dance music’s golden age. Before superstar DJs took over the spotlight, dance music was a cultural phenomenon that did what no other form of music could do – bring people together. It didn’t matter what race or sexual orientation you came from because dance music was all about embracing our differences and creating a homogeneous vibe. The music was built heavily on traditional song structures and lots of heart and soul. DJs played whatever it took to get the party going and the music was never predictable. It is with this classic spirit and enthusiasm that New York City’s Mr. V targets today’s dance music world. Mr. V is a throwback in the purest sense.

This is sure to be a hugely memorable party given the profile of the international superstars headlining, so we suggest you get your tickets early and get ready for the ride of your life.

THE EARLY BOAT PARTY Take in the sights of London on the "Overboard" boat party on the Thames... then at midnight its off to the after party till 6am at Pacha London. Departs Westminster Pier at 8:00pm.

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