Friday 6th of December Chinese Laundry is amped to bring you Circus Records Head honcho and easily the biggest breakthrough act of the modern Dubstep movement, DOCTOR P!!

Fresh from playing massive stages on the Stereosonic festival tour, DOCTOR P now brings his heavy hitting take on Bass to Chinese Laundry for an exclusive Sydney club show.
This is your chance to see one of the biggest Dubstep acts in the world in such an intimate club environment. 

Full Line up: 

Adam Zae
Stack & Piece (NZ)
Turnt Up

DOCTOR P: Any true fan of electronic music should instantly recognize Doctor P as one of the original godfathers of the bass-driven Dubstep movement. A true music lover at heart, Doctor P, aka Shaun Brockhurst, has had an intense love of music since he was just a teenager jamming with his friends on drums and guitar. It would later be the fateful acquisition of a Yamaha keyboard and Playstationʼs Music 2000, which would mark the beginning of the rise of one of today’s brightest and most innovative artists. Doctor P is what you might label as a triple threat as his talent can be found in the roles he effortlessly balances as a musician, producer, and DJ. 

Since his game-changing track, Sweet Shop, back in 2009 Doctor P has played some of the hottest venues bringing his homegrown British Dub step stylings to the eager masses across the globe. In just the past few years Doctor P has, to name just a few highlights, sold out arenas in LA, played the legendary Coachella festival, put on a mind bowing show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, and most recently tore up the 2012 Hackney Weekender. 
With a number of iconic releases already under his belt, such as Tetris, Superbad, and of course the Dubstep staple that is Sweetshop, it is clear that Doctor P has only shown the world a fraction of what he can do. Aside from crafting his own original tracks, Doctor P has also lent his skills to remixes for artists such as Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Example, Fenech-Soler. The wide variety of genres he takes on only testifies to his adaptability and talent in being able to engage a multitude of different sounds and, in the process, creating truly special bass driven music. 

Three years after emerging as one of the heavy hitters of the Dubstep movement, with a catalogue of ground-breaking tracks and countless accomplishments, Doctor P is preparing his first single release, Galaxies and Stars, on Circus/Atlantic records which will drop on September 9th. Already a buzz track having found airtime on Fearne Cottonʼs Radio 1 show and Mistajam on 1Xtra it is already set to be another legendary track for the prolific DJ.

Doctor P's Sweet Shop single has sales in excess 60,000 alone, and his track Big Boss has garnered over 7.5 million hits on YouTube (closer to 8.5 million if you take into account the countless unofficial videos), his YouTube channel has enjoyed a staggering 31 million views, and his Circus records mix tape has been downloaded over 20 thousand times. It is fair to say that these numbers speak for themselves; Doctor P is a force to be reckoned with. 

If you like what Doctor P has been creating so far let us just say... you haven’t heard anything yet.

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