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Review for Ivy Bar

The Ivy is a haven of progressive house, keeping club patrons captivated by the beat and mesmerised by its social utopia of class and style. The main DJ set mimics that of a festival in Ibiza, with lasers and surround sound stimulates an 'eargasm'. The venue's design permeates an aura of the Playboy Mansion, which really enhances the party atmosphere while preserving a high degree of prestige. Sydney’s social elite are drawn to this place as a result. The male to female ratio is impressive; a perfect equilibrium to allow for a night of flirting and mingling.

What really makes this club unique is its outdoor pool that also has a DJ and two bars of its own. So when you’re in need of fresh air but still want to enjoy the atmosphere of music and dancing, the Ivy Pool is an ideal spot. There is a large security presence scattered all over, to guarantee safety and stability. The sitting area above the main floor is vast and it offers privacy for those who wish to remain in their own social circles. The imported couches are not only comfortable but prove to be a desirable spot to socialise without the intensity of a crowded dance floor. There are bars in every corner, so there is easy access to the surprisingly low priced drinks and cocktails.

Despite its many positives, there is a downside. Getting in with a group of all males is a hard task, as the club likes to uphold its well-known gender ratio. So it is not ideal for an unplanned night out with ‘the boys’. One can also get lost in the sheer grandeur and size of the place, so losing people is a commonality. All in all, Ivy is ideal for those wanting captivating music, meeting interesting people and feeling sexy and classy while doing it.

2455 days ago · From admin