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N.S.W 1:30am Lockout effects from a non alcohol venue perspecive

I initially had mixed feelings when I first heard the NSW Government was introducing new alcohol violence nsw 1.30 am lockout laws kings cross sydneymediation measures including a !:30am lockout followed by a 3:00am final drinks.The new laws will mean clubs and pubs in Sydney’s “CBD” – a definition that includes everywhere from Kings Cross to Oxford St, George St and more – will be forced to lockout new customers from 1.30AM and cease alcohol trading at 3.00AM. During the first few weeks of the introduction of this measure business was good, however, by week 4 the reality had set in...; Ghost town!

Week nights Sunday - thursday are totally unviable with weekends only producing 50% of previous incomes. Yet these two days are now responsible for paying all the bills, this is an improbable outcome. No longer do you work for profit you work to mitigate loss. This can not continue, what will give?

On the positive


While it's too early to compare emergency admission figures, a St Vincent's spokesperson told Hack they're confident the lockout and reduction in alcohol trading hours is having a positive impact.

“Since the new alcohol trading laws were introduced six weeks ago, St Vincent’s Hospital has seen a reduction in the amount of alcohol related presentations to our Emergency Department. Particularly noticeable has been the dramatic decline in serious alcohol-related assaults during this period.


"St Vincent’s acknowledges that it is only early days, and we need to factor in seasonal changes, however, the Hospital remains quietly confident that the reduction in alcohol trading hours will continue to positively impact the reduction in alcohol harms,” the statement said.

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N.S.W 1:30am Lockout effects from a non alcohol venue perspecive